Important Questions That Clients Ask You Before Purchasing Your CBD Product Online

CBD has gained popularity because of its ability to treat conditions that afflict humanity like anxiety, depression, epilepsy, inflammation and chronic pain. Many states have legalized medical marijuana in the US and the market is expansive. There are many online businesses that deal in CBD and the competition has become cutthroat. To succeed in your online CBD venture, it is important to understand some of the common questions that clients ask before they buy any product. This article gives a list of the questions that clients ask before purchasing CBD and their answers as follows:

Question #1: Do they offer information about third party lab tests?

To determine the quality of the product that you offer third-party lab tests results are important for clients. They want to know the quality of your CBD using various parameters offered by the lab. They want to know the method used to extract your CBD, the method used to cultivate the hemp, the source of your hemp etc. It is important to provide the lab report on each of the that you deal in.

Question #2: where is your CBD sourced from?

The source of cannabis is very important due to various reasons. For instance, the source will help determine the quality of your CBD. The cannabis plant absorbs toxic substances and contaminants easily. To ensure high quality product, it is important for the plant to be grown organically. Except the US, many countries that grow cannabis do not do it organically and produce poor quality products that has been contaminated with pesticides and herbicides.

Question #3: is the product organic or local?

It is important to understand that any clients are interested in knowing whether your CBD is local or organic. Organic hemp is not contaminate and does not contain any impurities. Most clients look at the lab results to evaluate whether your product is organic or local.

Question #4: what type of CBD do you offer?

There are three main types of CBDs that are in the market. These include Full Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate, and all natural. Many clients prefer full spectrum CBD because it has numerous perks.

Question #5: any list of CBD per serving?

It is important to indicate the amount of dosage per serving so that the client determine whether the product is suitable for their lifestyle.

Question #5: what is the reputation of your company?

Before purchasing the products that your company offers, many clients visit your website to find what past clients have said about your products. It is important to offer good quality products so that clients offer positive reviews.

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