Dangers Imposed To Children By Marijuana Edibles

Although marijuana has medically been legalized, it is important as parents to know and understand how these products have been packaged and how they react with our bodies. They also need to find ways of minimizing the risk of the consumables getting into the hands of the bad guys.

Why should you be concerned?

These edibles come in different forms: as sweets, lollipops, cupcakes, chocolate bars and many more. To some extent soft drinks such as soda can contain marijuana for recreational use. With these yummy snacks and sweets, it’s easy to entice a child. This is how a generation is killed as most of these snacks contain high THC (Tetrahydrocannabinal) levels. THC is a chemical in cannabis that causes the ‘high’ effect which is normally instructed for an adult to just take a bite as a dose. Too much of this is poisonous.

Ingesting high contents of THC can result to serious health problems as it is harmful to the body when in excess. This is the same as to say that kids shouldn’t take a lot of the cookies and sweets rich in marijuana because they will feel weak, anxious, sometimes become violent or end up having some difficulty in breathing.

Another safety concern is that, it usually takes less than thirty minutes to feel the effects of marijuana online weed dispensary in your body when smoked and take around two hours when ingested before the side effects are noticed. This is somehow difficult to those kids who might have taken in knowingly or unknowingly and they don’t know when to expect the symptoms.

What are the preventive measures that can be taken to save the children?

There are laws put across that require products with marijuana to be labelled with the standardized packaging sizes and also have the child-resistant sizes served in states such as Colorado, Washington and Alaska where the use of Flower Power pre rolled marijuana has been legalized. The other rules include:

  • That all Marijuana edible products should be stored the same way medicines and other toxic substances are kept. In their locked containers inside their original packets.
  • Parents or adults should not eat the edible marijuana products in front of their kids. Be it for the purpose of recreational or medical. Children have the tendency of liking everything taken by adults, so when they see a grown up taking those products then they will know that it’s meant to be taken. They don’t know what belongs to them and what does not.
  • Get to know the company of your child. Talk to anyone who normally spends time with your child and get to inquire if they use the marijuana products or not. By doing this you will not only be helping your child but also their company.

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