How To Convert Types Of CBD Oils Into Useful Substances

There have been controversial debates on cannabis and its extracts including cannabinoids which are known to produce CBD oils. There are so many positives in the use of CBD oils.

In the scientific world, it is common knowledge that CBD can be converted to tetrahydrocannabinol. It is popularly known as THC.

There are two main methods involved. There are reports giving the information that this transformation has the possibility to occur spontaneously.

 It is important however; to note that further research has given findings that this idea may be is only possible in specific experimental conditions and it is likely not occur when CBD is orally administered

Conversion in the laboratory 

With the necessary experimental conditions, it has been concluded that heating CBD in solutions of some acids catalyzes cyclization within the CBD molecule resulting in delta-9-THC. This is commonly done under a nitrogen atmosphere.  

Spontaneous conversion 

There is very little but strong evidence suggesting that the conversion of CBD to delta-9-THC in the human gut is possible in the presence of acid. With the presence of the right enzymes these findings have been proven to have some accuracy in them. There are reports which suggested that this conversion happens after oral administration.

It is important however to note that it is very hard to prove that this conversion occurs in vivo after oral administration of CBD However, this study was supported by popular pharmaceuticals companies with an oral CBD product.

Overall, there is no evidence that this transformation occurs in humans after oral CBD administration. In one human study, when 600mg of CBD was administered to healthy participants, no THC and trace concentrations of THC metabolites were detected.


Despite all the controversy, scientific research in the form of clinical studies concluded that that even high doses of oral CBD do not cause THC-like effects like impairment, dry mouth, increased heart rate/tachycardia, For a study, when healthy volunteers were administered 200 mg oral CBD, it was found that CBD did not impair the motor or psychomotor performance. There have been other studies involving high doses of CBD which were recently summarized. There have been conclusions and findings like that it is not possible. With time and continued research one can only hope that there will be compromises reached and people will come to agreement on the importance on cannabinoids including the various types of CBD oils, to the human body.

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