Marijuana Packaging In Canada

The packaging of marijuana is soon going to change once legalization of the product takes effect in entire country. They will be in flights, pre-rolls and in the state of the art packaging. Canadians are being shown what to expect from websites and Marijuana stores from when the product is legalized – buy weed from Kush Dispensary.


Thisconsists of marijuana flowers of different weights that have been dried

This is for those who smoke marijuana through different methods.

This will be the most recognizable and common form available for consumers.

This will be in 14g, seven grams, 3.5 grams and one gram packages in child resistant canisters resembling tea containers. Packages will display producer?s brand, information on marijuana strain and warning labels from Health Canada. The packaging in Canada is more muted than as a result of the restrictions intended at keeping the youth way from the drug.


This consists a joint of pre-rolled containing 0.5 grams to 1gram marijuana

This is for those who smoke marijuana in a way that is convenient and those unable to have their joints rolled.

This may be the popular packaging mode once the drug is fully legalized.

Mass production of marijuana cigarettes is done by a machine that uses automation and gravity for joint manufacturing. This is then packaged individually in plastic or small containers made of cardboard. This kind of packaging takes away the hassle of one rolling their own hence benefiting consumers and patients on medical marijuana who cannot roll on their own and love the convenience of smoking directly.


This is oil derived from the flower of marijuana.

This is intended for those who consume marijuana medically and still desire the effect that comes from it.

Marijuana oils are infused in topical cream, oral ingestion of refined marijuana, infused in brownies or cookies and in drinks. They come in spray bottles with systems that dispense the oil or a dropper.Tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, terpenes and carrier oils are contained in the oils.


They are 1 gram containers which are small from licensed producers. They are a product of marijuana flowers.

This is specifically for new consumers who are interested in sampling out various brands and strains.

Most consumers will be excited with aabundance of choice since legal marijuana will sell for recreational purposes. A company based in Toronto intents to sell its flight version which is inspired by samples offered by some microbreweries to itscustomers. Versions offered by Discovery Box offered by AHLOT will include five samples of 1 gram derived from a mixture of various producers of marijuana. This will provide a different range of marijuana strength and strains. Discovery Box?s initial version will be availed In October in Ontario and roll out nationally later.AHLOT also considers releasing pre-rolled joints later in the year.


This is made up gel caps and marijuana seeds.

This is particularly for those interested in growing marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes in the form of a pill.

Packs of marijuana seed will be available to be purchased by people desiring to relate intimately with marijuana plant and people with green thumps. Major producers will have marijuana gel caps which are in pill form resembling the colour and shape of omega 3 vitamin.

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