Why Smoking Cannabis Sativa Makes You A Creative Person

A good number of cannabis growers choose the sativa strain because of its uplifting and cerebral high.

The sativa strain takes a longer time to flower as compared to the indica strain, but the yield received in the end makes up for the wait. Many who use this strain just want to get high not its medical value. The high effect of the sativa strain is said to produce creativity.

Super Silver Haze

The Super Silver Haze came into the limelight in the 90s. This is when the strain emerged 1st at the High Times Cannabis Cup This strain is a combination of the Haze strain combined with Skunk and Northern Lights. This combination makes it the most prominent sativa strain in the market. Its users experience uplifting and energetic sensations after consumption.

The Super Silver Haze takes about 9-10 weeks to flower. This strain can be grown both indoor and outdoor, with indoor yielding about 450-550gm/m2, while the outdoor bringing in about 550g per plant. It is quite tall with a powerful stature. It is a magnificent sight to behold when the buds begin to take shape on its long branches.

G13 Haze (Barney?s Farm)

Out of the year?s collection the G13 Haze is definitely a worthy sativa. This strain was the winner of High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007. It is celebrated by many of its users. The G13 Haze strain is sativa dominant with unique effects and growth patterns.

This strain is a combination of G13 and Hawaiian sativa. The G13 is indica dominant and it is introduced in small quantities into this hybrid. The G13 brings with it hints of relaxation to this powerful strain. With this addition the G13 Haze produces an uplifting yet soothing effect.

Compared to other , the G13 Haze is quite short. It grows to a height of 50-100 cm. this makes it best suited for indoor growth. This special hybrid takes 70-80 days to flower. This is a long period to wait, but the end results make the grower happy. They reap 500-600gm/m2 of sativa buds.

Neville’s HazeĀ 

The uniqueness of the euphoric and uplifting effects of this strain cannot be compared with any other. The Neville’s Haze is purely Haze dominant. It is a powerhouse sativa, a force to reckon with. It brings about feelings which are both creative and stimulating at the same time.

This strain takes about 14 weeks to flower and you need to patiently maintain the buds. On maturity indoor growers expect around 700g/m?2;. Those who plant outdoors should expect about 1200g per plant.

For the cannabis smoker, the sativa strain can be their best friend. They make their users creative and flowing with energy. For those with anxiety problems, only small doses are recommended, but are good relief for chronic pain.

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