How CBD Oil Works As A Topical Application

In case you have silently been suffering from sores, itches or redness of the skin, it is about time you incorporated CBD oil in your treatment. This is because the oil contains both THC and CBD compounds, which are responsible in treating majority of the health ailments. Nonetheless, you will have to take great caution when buying the perfect CBD oil for you, as different types do differ from their ingredients and composition. In addition, for the oil to function, you will need to apply it correctly. This article will therefore delve into hos Shiva Buzz CBD oil works as a topical application.

Direct Absorption

As you will have noticed by now, you can either use CBD oil in cooking or you may opt to apply it as a topical application. When applying the oil on the later, you are required to apply the oil on the affected area, after you have washed all the dirt on it. After that, you are required to let it settle in order for the absorption to take place. While consuming the CBD oil takes more than two hours as it has to wait for digestion, applying CBD oil on your affected area as a topical application is automatically absorbed by the body, thus offering immediate results. The good thing with the CBD in the CBD oils is not psychoactive and thus is never absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Interacting with CB2 receptors

Your skin is filled with CB2 receptors which are responsible for activating the endocannabinoid system even if the CBD compound of the CBD oil does not enter the blood stream. Once you apply the oil on your affected area, your CB2 receptors gets absorbs the cannabinoid in the oil to stimulate the activation of the endocannabinoid system which in turn heals the ailment that you might be suffering from. However, it is worth noting that your skin absorbs cannabinoids in the CBD oil very slowly and as such, you need to apply the appropriate amount for effective results.

Permeating through the skin

The CBD oils have two very important compounds that are the THC and the CBD. These are the compounds that are responsible for treating majority of the ailments that the oil cures. The good thing with CBD oil is that it has high levels of CBD other than the THC and as such, applying the oil as a topical application is very effective. This is because the CBD has more permeability in the skin as compared to THC, thus is in a good position for stimulating the CB2 receptors on your skin. Whenever you apply the oil therefore, it permeates through the skin to the receptors which in turn activates the endocannabinoid system for effective results.

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