Short Term Health Effects of Cannabis cooked food consumption

Cannabis is one of the most influential and commonly abused hard drugs in most parts of different continents. People normally abuse this substance in different ways and for various reasons. Based on ways, some individuals smoke this drug inform of bhang. Others mix cannabis with food after crushing its dry leaves into powder, as others also use it for cooking food and even use some of its extracts as food. On the other hand, based on the reasons behind cannabis possession, people may consume cannabis for recreational reasons, medical reasons, and commercial reasons. Regarding the possession of cannabis, especially to those who involve cannabis for cooking and food consumption, how dangerous is such possession to them based on their health status? 

One of the short term effects of possessing cannabis-food related products regards the impairment of the working memory or mental functioning. This usually occurs after about thirty minutes of consumption of cannabis-cooked foods and related products. The situation occurs during the period after which the effect of the substance has traverse the entire mind and psychological setup. This brings the effects like poor responses, poor decision making, poor aspects of learning based on speed and accuracy. 

Another short term effect brought about by the consumption of cannabis-related food is the alteration of perceptual functioning. This regards the punctuality in a manner we perceive an aspect. Before consuming such foods, our brains are usually sober and our perceptions are up to the task. However, after consuming such food substances, the mind will end up asleep, the sense altered and the punctuality distorted. This in addition to impairment of our coordination is too disastrous and may end up leading to derealisation, and even the action of diverting something of human characteristic or individuality. It can also lead to being psychiatric, a situation where someone’s thoughts and feelings seem unreal to him. Moreover, it can as well lead to hallucination-an action where one can see things that never exist. 

On the other hand, heavy consumption of such cannabis cooked foods can indeed result in adverse alcoholic intoxication symptoms. These symptoms may include cases of nausea and vomiting, induction of driving accidents in addition to the loss of inhibitions, and some extent hangovers. Such effects are too severe to sustain and taking them normally can pose greater risks to one’s health. Consumption of cannabis food-related products can also lead to increased cases of conjunctiva disorders. Such cases include reddening of the eyes in addition to increased lacrimation. 

In conclusion, cannabis is medically prescribed to some individuals. However, following its consumption, it is threatening to our health as well. Why should one tend to put its health at such risks? There is always a substituent and a better way to leave. Even though cannabis-related foods usually taste good, there are other better ways to make food testier. Good taste never actually mean it is good, it simply means it is addictive. Kindly should one think outside the box on our to get out of such health risks for life betterment? Life only comes once and on letting go of life, it will go once and for all. 

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