Is Covid-19 the end?

The world as most people know it changed when covid-19 hit. Suddenly, a new disease that baffles even the best scientists has taken over. People around the world are dying like flies and many lay on beds sick to their bones. The virus does not discriminate between rich or poor. Super powers with some of the best medical facilities are loosing people. Hence, some are wondering is this the end? 

Well, it is not the end. The disease is treatable and to some extent preventable. People only need to identify the symptoms and preventive measures, but first where did it come from? 


The first case was reported in Wuhan, China in 2019. It then spread to neighboring countries and  the rest of the world. Rumor has it that the virus was created in a lab through fusion of harmful snake and bat molecules. Many other theories on the virus are yet to be proven.  



High fever 

Dry cough 

Loss of Appetite 

Body aches 

Breathing issues 

The symptoms are not visible within the first 14 days.  

Preventive measures 

The best preventive measure is social distancing. This is the reason most governments today restrict people’s movements. People are also advised to maintain a distance of at least one meter when out in public.  

Washing and sanitizing. People are advised to wash hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Sanitizers are encouraged where water is a problem. The sanitizers should contain at least 60% alcohol for them to be effective. 

Masks. A recent study indicated that the disease is air borne. Therefore, people should wear masks when visiting public places. The masks should fully cover the nose and mouth. Medical masks should not be won for more than 8 hours.  


The virus is transmitted when one comes into contact with an infected molecule or surface. A tiny droplet is all it takes to get infected. The virus stays on metallic surfaces for about 12 hours. 


The pandemic has affected the society in a number of ways. It has affected education, businesses, religious organizations and social interactions. 


Most countries were forced to suspend all education institutions. Learners have been forced to home school and teachers are on forced vacation. National and Institutional Examinations will definitely be postponed. 


Most businesses have been forced to close down. Most hotels, beauty parlors, tour companies and boutiques are out of business. In some countries, only food stores are allowed to operate at a specified time period. 

Religious organizations 

This is a difficult time where most religious people want to fellowship and communicate with their supreme creator. However, all public gatherings, including religious ones, have been banned in most countries. In a few countries, people have been brutalized by the police for failing to adhere to this directive. Most religious organizations have opted for online services. 

Social interactions 

Societal interactions have been interfered with. Hand shaking, hugging and kissing are discouraged as they may lead to spread of the virus. Social gatherings, like, weddings are now a thing of the past 

As the disease continues to ravage people across the world, most are hoping a solution will come up. There is also hope for a new dawn as some victims recover completely. Although this may not be the end, the world has learnt a few lessons. One such lesson is to value every moment since life is so fragile.  

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