Cons of Cannabis Legalization in the USA

Meta Description: Cannabis is generally medicinal and beneficial to its users. However, it can be misused and that is one of the cons of cannabis legalization The others are highlighted below.


Cannabis was originally intended to serve as a relief to patients. Through the years, that has not been the case. It has been distributed in most parts of country for misuse. This has led to the government to declare its distribution and consumption illegal. By doing so, it has become a lucrative due to monopolization by certain drug dealers.

Its legalization could be beneficial to the government moving forward. However, it has its cons that are highlighted below that should be considered first.


Cannabis is addictive: Just like any other drug, Cannabis users get addicted over time. Without consumption of the drug, they develop withdrawal symptoms and irritability.

As compared to strong drugs like cocaine, the addiction is mild. However, once hooked it’s hard to stop.

Perception Is affected: Any drug alters the way one’s body operates. Consumption of Cannabis causes users to experience a high and is often key cause of accidents.

Acts as a Gateway Drug: Cannabis is often seen as a gateway to use of other serious drugs. This increases the financial cost for treatment of hard drugs users. By legalizing, you enhance the probability of this occurrence.

Increased number of cases: Cannabis use distorts judgement of the user. This means that the individual is likely to drive stoned or even rape another person. Legalization would only lead these numbers to climb.

Increased chances of access by children: Children do not possess the level of thinking as adults. Through legalization, the drug will be readily available to them. This can lead to damage of their brains and way of thinking.

Damage to passive smokers: Like cigarettes, Cannabis causes harmful effects to Bystanders who inhale the smoke released by consumers. Whether at clubs or at home, the innocent patrons will be caught.

Damaging the Brain: Cannabis consumption causes brain vessels to be restricted. This effect lasts even once the user stops.

Health of Lungs is compromised: Cannabis has a high level of carcinogens almost double of cigarettes. This is because pot smokers tend to inhale deeply as compared to cigarette smokers increasing the time of exposure of chemicals to the lungs.

Increasing the chance of heart disease: Cannabis smoking increases the heart beat which increases the risk of health problems such as heart attack.

Mental Health is damaged: There has been a research that links marijuana to depression. Either as a trigger or an escape it plays a picture in mental health.

Cannabis legalization has its positives with an online dispensary in Canada.  However, before the judgement is made it is advisable to consider the negatives associated with it.

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