What I Wish Everyone Knew About Health Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms

According to studies carried out by researchers in NYU Grossman School of Medicine in 2016, it was discovered that a single dose of psilocybin to patients with cancer helped reduce the occurrence of emotional and existential distress associated with cancer. That means psilocybin mushroom can be very useful Healthwise. There were remarkable improvements on patients on whom the dose was applied combined with psychotherapy. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that psilocybin mushroom could be harboring more benefits than is already revealed organic shrooms CA .  

Apart from cancer cases, other studies indicate even more health benefits for patients with mental illness. Fundamentally, anxiety and depression are common among patients with terminal illnesses such as cancer, HIV AIDS, diabetes and high blood pressure. Excessive fear can be very tormenting and can lead to depression if not controlled.  

What Makes This Plant so Useful?  

Extracts from psilocybin have hallucinogenic effects on users. This could be the reason why it can be useful in controlling anxiety and depression. Combined with psychotherapy, studies have proved it quite useful in treating anxiety too. More studies have been conducted which have continued to cement the same principle. In the latest research conducted on patients with various health conditions, it was found that the patients with anxiety, hopelessness, demoralization and death anxiety had remarkable improvement.  

Used as an antidepressant in patients between the age of 16 and  45, their emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing was greatly improved after psilocybin administration. There is no doubt then that extracts from psilocybin Mushroom can be very useful. Your response to worrying circumstances is caused by a sudden rise in cortisol levels in the body produced from the adrenal glands. The more you fall into anxiety, the more the adrenal glands will release more cortisol into the body. The excessive presence of cortisol in the bloodstream, apart from causing weight gain, is the primary cause of anxiety disorder.  

A dose of the hallucinogenic compound found in psilocybin mushroom works as an antidepressant by reducing the effects of cortisol in your body. Too much cortisol can lead to headache, instability, intestinal problems, sleep problems and many other related conditions.  

How Does Psilocybin Works?  

It is a hallucinogenic that activates serotonin receptors in the cortex part of the brain. This the part of the brain that affects your cognition, mood and perception. By activating serotonin receptors, the brain begins to work on any other fluid that excites the body to anxiety and change in mood swings.  

Therefore, psilocybin mushroom is of profound health benefit to several conditions related to anxiety and depression. No wonder more research is being conducted on this rare plant to establish more facts that can support its efficacy against the conditions already identified. Most of these research projects are presenting positive results.