Know about Indica vs Sativa Strains

Cannabis has bred different types of efficacies over the past few decades. Various types are most appropriate for healing ailments and diseases, while others serve relaxation purposes to healthy people.  

Cannabis, a flowering herb, has three subspecies: Indica, Ruderalis, and Sativa. Ruderalis strains are not consumed by patients due to lack of potency, little medicinal yield, and are non-appealing to consumers. This article, therefore, focuses on Indica vs Sativa strains. 


Indica vs Sativa strains are different in appearance, such that Indica strains are stocky and short and have chunky and broad leaves buy here .

Sativa strains appear skinnier and taller than the Indica strains. They are lucky in appearance and have pointed and thin leaves. 

Medical Efficacy  

The medical effects, productivity, and energy levels that the two strains have on patients also differ.  

Indica varieties are better consumed in the evening or at night after the user has completed the day’s activities and work. They may give the patients a condition known as ‘couchlock,’ a situation where a patient can barely get up from the couch. They also provide ‘body high’ emotions to patients. 

Sativa strains are cerebral and uplifting, enhancing productivity and creativity. They provide ‘mind high’ feelings to patients who consume them. They yield less medicine and take a longer time to grow compared to Indica strains. It is why Indica has dominated over the black market, where patients have no choice but to purchase it. 

Purchase of these medicinal strains from the black market is discouraged to all patients due to lack of knowledge of the extract strain, whether the strain has been properly grown, dried, cured, and laboratory tested for potential contamination and purity. 

Sativa strains 

  • Super Silver Haze- It is known for its sense of calmness and creativity-inducing effects. 
  • Green Crack- It is a popular strain known for relief from depression and its energising effects. 
  • Sour Diesel- It is a cross between Super Skunk and Chemdawg, which helps in energising patients suffering from depression. 
  • Durban Poison– Its user’s popularity say that it is the most energising strain compared to the other Sativa strains. 
  • Lucid Blue Is a crossbreed between Grateful Breath and Blue Dream, which is recommended to improve concentration and focus. 

Indica Strains 

  • Bubba Kush- Helps patients with insomnia, ‘couchlock’ properties and serves as a tranquilizer to some patients.  
  • Hindu Kush- It has a piney and sweet scent with floral and pine smoke. It is used to make the patient feel calm and relaxed.  
  • Acapulco Gold- It is noted for its high energising and euphoria-inducing effects. Users tend to use it to reduce stress, fatigue, nausea, and pain.  
  • Northern Lights- It is a sleep-inducing and relaxing strain. Its mood-lifting effects are known for relive in stress, pain, depression, and insomnia. 

In conclusion, it is crucial to understand Indica vs Sativa strains to understand the difference in appearance, medical use, and various strains of each Cannabis subspecies. 


Cannabidiol [CBD] is a chemical found within cannabis plants. Cannabis could either be marijuana or hemp. Cannabis has quite a several restrictions, this hinders more research in the field for medicinal purposes. Various research conducted has had promising results. Patients with chronic pain use the CBD to manage the level of pain experienced which can be unbearable tale of two strains. Below, I’ll explain how it helps relieve pain

Chronic pain relief 

The CBD reacts with a major component of the endocannabinoid receptors to create pain-relieving effects. It has been proven to ease the pain that may be symptoms of the major underlying issue 

CBD for cancer  

Reliable research by the National Cancer Institute has indicated that it helps with managing the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. These effects can be nausea, body pain, and lack of appetite; CBD manages these efficiently. The likelihood of building a tolerance to this is very minimal, so the same quantity would be enough to consume through the treatment period. 

CBD for Arthritis 

More needs to be done in this area for this to be conclusive in humans. A previous study shows that application of the CBD reduces swellings and general pain. This had no noticeable side effects 

CBD for migraines  

This area is quite under-researched as well. The few reliable research papers show the use of CBD and THC together in managing migraines and relieving pain. It had reduced the pain significantly  

CBD for neuropathic pains 

This refers to any pain triggered by damaged nerve cells. Multiple Sclerosis fits perfectly in this category. Reliable research done in 2018 indicated its findings as more beneficial than the downsides. 

CBD for muscle spasms  

These are pains derived from multiple sclerosis where your whole body is affected through the nerves. These pains are so strong and go on for a long time. The research found that when the patients used CBD in a short time, the level of muscle spasms pain reduces significantly 

Caution when using CBD 

Use the right legal channels to get it 

CBD has no exact dose, so be cautious of overdosing 

Most cannabis and cannabis products have not been legalized nationwide, however, smaller states and countries may already have to check before purchase 

The FDA has only approved epidiolex, a form of CBD to treat epilepsy and seizures 

CBD should not be used during pregnancy or nursing 

Avoid taking CBD with high-fat diets, these may make the side effects much worse 


Numerous research has been done and concluded that CBD is generally good for relieving pain from various illnesses. There is still room for so much more to be done in this, however, this would first require cannabis to be legal and attract more investment in the area. Its lack of severe side effects makes it an even better option worth considering for patients. Before using this talk to your doctor and get some guidance 

How to Use CBD to Treat Anxiety


CBD has been marketed as a treatment and a solution for a different number of medical problems. Due to the population increase, several studies have proved it as the cure to treat anxiety. In 2011, a certain study showed that CBD reduces anxiety symptoms in people with social anxiety disorder. Another study stated that CBD can be used to treat people that are struggling with sleep and anxiety. In this article, we are going to look at various CBD uses to treat anxiety. Welcome! 

How to Use CBD to Treat Anxiety 

Researchers and healthcare professionals found that CBD importantly reduces anxiety symptoms at a very higher rate. The dose taken by someone to treat anxiety depends on the CBD administer and the product. Below are different CBD administration methods: 

  • Oil 
  • Cannabis flowers 
  • Edibles 
  • Capsule 

The above methods illustrate how faster CBD starts taking effect.  Therefore, among the components, CBD is considered the best option to treat anxiety. For those patients who have tried other ways and failed, CBD is an alternative that has few negative effects. 

Why Do Most People Prefer the Use of CBD to Treat Anxiety? 

CBD has been labeled as a natural remedy by different studies. Therefore, this has made it more popular with its users. 

  • Easy to Access 

With its high demand in the market by the users, different sites are on the internet that sells this product online. If you are living far from the areas where CBD is produced, you don’t need to suffer, it’s just a few steps to put your order through online and within few days you will it in time to where you are. This indicates ways in which CBD uses to treat anxiety globally. 

What Other Products Can You Find CBD in? 

Mostly CBD can be found in form of tinctures and oils. 

Benefits of Using CBD to Treat Anxiety 

  • Reduces Acne 

As we know, acne is a skin problem that affects the human body. It’s caused by various features. Due to its properties to lower sebum production, CBD may be used to treat acne. 

  • It Solves Different Anxiety Problems 

CBD has proved as a treatment for both anxiety and depression leading to more attractions to the users. It has also helped in the treatment of anxiety in children with stress disorder. 

  • It Has Treated Both Animals and Human Beings 

Using CBD has proved to lower both depression and anxiety in animals and human studies. 

Health Precautions When Using CBD  

CBD is unsafe to use if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. This means that the substance may have a harmful taste to the baby. Therefore, for these breastfeeding, it’s advised to use it only if the children are at least one year old. 

Side Effects of Using CBD to Treat Anxiety 

  • May cause a sleeping problem 
  • Tiredness  
  • Dry mouth 
  • Fatigue 


Therefore, CBD is beneficial for treating anxiety and indeed has a promising responsibility as an alternative in the control of anxiety disorder. The target of the article was to prove CBD uses to treat anxiety. 

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Health Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms

According to studies carried out by researchers in NYU Grossman School of Medicine in 2016, it was discovered that a single dose of psilocybin to patients with cancer helped reduce the occurrence of emotional and existential distress associated with cancer. That means psilocybin mushroom can be very useful Healthwise. There were remarkable improvements on patients on whom the dose was applied combined with psychotherapy. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that psilocybin mushroom could be harboring more benefits than is already revealed organic shrooms CA .  

Apart from cancer cases, other studies indicate even more health benefits for patients with mental illness. Fundamentally, anxiety and depression are common among patients with terminal illnesses such as cancer, HIV AIDS, diabetes and high blood pressure. Excessive fear can be very tormenting and can lead to depression if not controlled.  

What Makes This Plant so Useful?  

Extracts from psilocybin have hallucinogenic effects on users. This could be the reason why it can be useful in controlling anxiety and depression. Combined with psychotherapy, studies have proved it quite useful in treating anxiety too. More studies have been conducted which have continued to cement the same principle. In the latest research conducted on patients with various health conditions, it was found that the patients with anxiety, hopelessness, demoralization and death anxiety had remarkable improvement.  

Used as an antidepressant in patients between the age of 16 and  45, their emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing was greatly improved after psilocybin administration. There is no doubt then that extracts from psilocybin Mushroom can be very useful. Your response to worrying circumstances is caused by a sudden rise in cortisol levels in the body produced from the adrenal glands. The more you fall into anxiety, the more the adrenal glands will release more cortisol into the body. The excessive presence of cortisol in the bloodstream, apart from causing weight gain, is the primary cause of anxiety disorder.  

A dose of the hallucinogenic compound found in psilocybin mushroom works as an antidepressant by reducing the effects of cortisol in your body. Too much cortisol can lead to headache, instability, intestinal problems, sleep problems and many other related conditions.  

How Does Psilocybin Works?  

It is a hallucinogenic that activates serotonin receptors in the cortex part of the brain. This the part of the brain that affects your cognition, mood and perception. By activating serotonin receptors, the brain begins to work on any other fluid that excites the body to anxiety and change in mood swings.  

Therefore, psilocybin mushroom is of profound health benefit to several conditions related to anxiety and depression. No wonder more research is being conducted on this rare plant to establish more facts that can support its efficacy against the conditions already identified. Most of these research projects are presenting positive results. 

Why Consider Online Stores?

If you want to know how to buy weed online in Canada then go through this article. It will guide you through and show you why you should opt to buy Cannabis sativa online as opposed to a physical store. 

Unlike many world Countries, weed in Canada is legal and so is the various websites where weed is sold. This commodity’s legality is based medical grounds as well the recreational value it upholds. 

Weed, popularly known as Marijuana or cannabis is a product of dried leaves and flowers of a plant known as Cannabis plant (hemp plant).  It is mostly sold in shredded form but also appear in sprays and tinctures. The shredded weed can be vaporized or smoked out of pipes and bubblers or roll joints, made into cigars. Spray forms are sprayed directly under the tongue while tinctures are the alcohol solvent forms of marijuana. There are as well other edible forms such as marijuana oil. 

Why Consider Online Stores? 

You shop anywhere any time – This is a convenient method and only requires internet connection hence no making adjustments to a day’s busy schedule. 

Less social interaction -No hustle of constantly engaging store attendants verbally therefore you entirely make your buying decisions. 

More variety options – Online Canada stores mostly source products directly from large warehouses with more products in store. It is easier as well to compare prices from different sellers in an online market hence buy at the most competitive price. 

More privacy protection – The benefits of cannabis are controverted amongst individuals and if you are shy and want to keep such practice private then online marijuana dispensaries are the way to go. New consumers can as well ask questions freely from experienced shoppers. 

How do you Access Online Dispensaries? 

Being a medical necessity in Canada, if you run out of this essential commodity you should be able to safely access high quality Marijuana and have it delivered near you any time, and with ease, and with the utmost privacy. 

Ensure you follow the below guideline to buy weed online in Canada; 

Verify the Authenticity of the Online Dispensary. 

There are various methods do this, from checking the reputation of the hosting website or store to scrolling through users’ reviews and comments. Be careful not to fall for black market or scammer s traps. Research carefully as far as their social media platforms to establish that the dealers are genuine and certified. 

Pick the Right Strain 

If you are not sure what works for you, do some research well especially if you have any medical condition. Perform a thorough background check to make sure what you are buying is genuine and safe for your health. Choose the right form as explained above that will be most convenient for you and match it with your preferred flavor. 

Where are the Online Purchases Made? 

There are a lot of verified online sites where legal weed is sold in Canada. The individual online stores can be termed as online dispensaries. 

Some online dispersers have a physical location while others connect directly with big warehouses or legalized producers/ manufactures of Cannabis. 

You should search online for list of sellers of get referrals from friends and make do some research on them such as; 

Where do they get their supplies? 

What is the reliability of their prices? (Are there hidden cost you pay later after making an order?) 

How many varieties does the store offer? Etc. 

In conclusion, the convenience how to buy weed online in Canada is great, provided you locate the best store to sort you out. 

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Best mode of consume CBD

These drugs are taken under different situations and for different reasons; they are commonly taken to control stress, fatigue, anxiety, etc shop West Coast Botanics . Due to World Health Organization consuming CBD has been highly affected, thus people have come up with different solutions to solve the problem.

These solutions have their strengths and weaknesses, best mode of consuming and at what time to take them.  

In this article, methods of taking CBD are well explained: 

Smoking CBD 

 It is inhalation of a by-product of CBD combustion through respiratory tract to the lungs and into the blood system. Smoking is done by the use of a rig that resembles a cylindrical pipe. The CBD is put into the pipe and burnt on one side then the smoker smokes from the other side. 

Strengths of smoking 

It is the fastest mode  to consume CBD. 

It reduces the rate of individual’s obesity. 

Smoker enjoys because the concentration produced is the highest. 

Weaknesses of smoking 

It can lead to diseases like throat and lung cancer. 

It pollutes environment. 

It may not suit those who take small quantities. 

It may require tools like matchbox and joint paper. 

Vaping CBD 

It is an alternative means of smoking. It is commonly done by use of a vaporizer pen. It is applicable for people who want to smoke the same concentration as smoking but don’t want to show or make his/her environment harsh. 

Strengths of vaping 

Your dosage can be regulated. 

There is less environmental effects because less smoke is released into the atmosphere. 

User can take any concentration he/she wishes to take. 

Weaknesses of vaping 

One might smoke more than it is required thus affecting his/her health. 

It also requires tools like vape pen and its accessories. 

Excess vaping may lead to diseases like headaches, sore throat, chest pains, etc. 

Creams application 

It is application of CBD products such as cream on your skin inform of massage and spread it to all parts of the body. It is best for people who don’t like inhalation of CBD.  

Strengths of creams application 

So easy to use 

No special equipment is required. 

It is best for people with muscle issues and skin problems. 

Weaknesses of cream application 

One might apply more than it is recommended. 

The effects last for short time. 


These are CBDs are getting so popular because they can be consumed as food or beverages. 

Strengths of edibles 

It has variety of option because it can be mixed with food or drink. 

It is too discreet. 

Weaknesses of edibles 

It has short-term effects. 

It is quite difficult to know the required doss. 

Sublingual consumption 

These are CBD tinctures that are bought and are commonly placed in the mouth for a while before they are swallowed. 

Strengths of sublingual type of consumption 

It requires no equipment to do it. 

 Controlling and managing your dosage is easy. 

Effects are long-lasting. 

Weakness of sublingual type of consumption 

It has different impacts to everybody. 

Some might not be able to tolerate its taste. 

In conclusion, while starting to take CBD ensure you do research on which type of admission you should use. This will help you to enjoy and consume CBD smoothly. 

Short Term Health Effects of Cannabis cooked food consumption

Cannabis is one of the most influential and commonly abused hard drugs in most parts of different continents. People normally abuse this substance in different ways and for various reasons. Based on ways, some individuals smoke this drug inform of bhang. Others mix cannabis with food after crushing its dry leaves into powder, as others also use it for cooking food and even use some of its extracts as food. On the other hand, based on the reasons behind cannabis possession, people may consume cannabis for recreational reasons, medical reasons, and commercial reasons. Regarding the possession of cannabis, especially to those who involve cannabis for cooking and food consumption, how dangerous is such possession to them based on their health status? 

One of the short term effects of possessing cannabis-food related products regards the impairment of the working memory or mental functioning. This usually occurs after about thirty minutes of consumption of cannabis-cooked foods and related products. The situation occurs during the period after which the effect of the substance has traverse the entire mind and psychological setup. This brings the effects like poor responses, poor decision making, poor aspects of learning based on speed and accuracy. 

Another short term effect brought about by the consumption of cannabis-related food is the alteration of perceptual functioning. This regards the punctuality in a manner we perceive an aspect. Before consuming such foods, our brains are usually sober and our perceptions are up to the task. However, after consuming such food substances, the mind will end up asleep, the sense altered and the punctuality distorted. This in addition to impairment of our coordination is too disastrous and may end up leading to derealisation, and even the action of diverting something of human characteristic or individuality. It can also lead to being psychiatric, a situation where someone’s thoughts and feelings seem unreal to him. Moreover, it can as well lead to hallucination-an action where one can see things that never exist. 

On the other hand, heavy consumption of such cannabis cooked foods can indeed result in adverse alcoholic intoxication symptoms. These symptoms may include cases of nausea and vomiting, induction of driving accidents in addition to the loss of inhibitions, and some extent hangovers. Such effects are too severe to sustain and taking them normally can pose greater risks to one’s health. Consumption of cannabis food-related products can also lead to increased cases of conjunctiva disorders. Such cases include reddening of the eyes in addition to increased lacrimation. 

In conclusion, cannabis is medically prescribed to some individuals. However, following its consumption, it is threatening to our health as well. Why should one tend to put its health at such risks? There is always a substituent and a better way to leave. Even though cannabis-related foods usually taste good, there are other better ways to make food testier. Good taste never actually mean it is good, it simply means it is addictive. Kindly should one think outside the box on our to get out of such health risks for life betterment? Life only comes once and on letting go of life, it will go once and for all. 


What are THC edibles? 

The term THC edibles refer to any foods, candies, baked goods, or drinks that contain cannabis in some form that can be ingested, rather than smoked or vaporized. Edibles are usually baked products like cookies or confectionaries like sweets and chocolates. 

To begin the cannabis conversion process in preparation for making effective edibles, one has to expose their cannabis to either a heat, fat, or alcohol source so it will affect once it is eaten.  

To be added to edibles, cannabis must also be in a form that is usable for baking or cooking.  

What are the dangers of THC edibles

So with that bit of background in mind, let us now look at the dangers that are involved with the use of THC edibles. 

Cannabis induced psychosis 

This is an induced type of insanity from overuse of the edibles that often results in hallucinations.  

Affects the cardiovascular system 

Cannabis can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and there is a higher risk of a heart attack following the use of cannabis. 

Impaired brain development and poor mental health 

This is a potential long-term effect of cannabis consumption beginning at a young age. Older adults, the other at-risk group, may experience increased cognitive impairment, risk of falls, heart arrhythmia, and various drug interactions.  

The risk of abuse of edibles or their said overuse by especially the youth and the old people is crucial in cases of pre-existing conditions such as heart diseases or even mental conditions as an excessive amount can even confuse. 

Unknown Potency 

It is very difficult to ascertain the THC amount in many edibles. Further, there is no proper law or legislation to guide the same process and so, more often than not the amount of THC indicated to be in the edible is seldom true. 

In this regard, for those consumers of marijuana that are not used to certain levels of THC, the amounts in the edibles may give the user a high that they did not expect and increased chances of negative effects.  

Delayed onset and a high potential for overdose 

 Edibles take a longer time to onset as compared to smoking and the onset of the edibles is usually after a couple of hours. 

The delay of the drug-taking effect often leads to the user consuming excessive amounts of THC resulting in a marijuana overdose.  

In Conclusion 

For users of THC edibles, it is to seek all the relevant information on the onset of the drug and its usage to avoid cases of overdose and for controlled use of edibles. 

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How does medical marijuana affect the life of patients when used regularly?

Marijuana is a vastly used illicit drug around the world. Millions of teenagers and adults across the globe use this drug for recreational purposes. However, with many studies conducted, the drug is not just used for recreational purpose but medically as well.  

This has led to the legalization of the substance in various states around the world. The medical marijuana can be gotten in different forms, such as, oil, lotion, pills, vapor and edibles. Edibles are the most common forms as they are ingested like lollipops and brownies among others. 

Patients suffering from various ailments are using cannabis as treatment. Most can even attest to the fact that it has helped them combat some unhealthy symptoms in the body. This article focuses on how medical marijuana can affect the life of patients when used regularly.  

Increases appetite  

Weed has a component that stimulates appetite. Some studies have shown that it is used to improve the appetite of patients suffering from cancer and HIV/AIDS. Increased appetite also leads to weight gain among patients who are anorexic or those suffering from HIV/AIDS. 

Reduce Nausea 

Some studies indicate that the use of marijuana, can help reduce nausea. In fact, it is said to help cancer patients, undergoing treatment, to curb the feeling of nausea. 

While cannabis can be used to treat nausea, it should not be used by pregnant mothers. Pregnant women often feel nausea but using marijuana at this stage may have negative effects on the unborn child. 

Relieve Pain 

It can be used to relieve pain under extreme circumstances. For example, those who suffer occasional migraines or even arthritis patients can benefit from this. It can also be tropically applied on the problematic area to ease pain. Those suffering from cancer also use this to reduce pain.  


This is a condition that effects the eyes and can even lead to blindness. It is caused when a nerve connecting the brain to the eye is severed with due to high pressure. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is a component in marijuana that helps treat glaucoma. It does this by reducing the pressure in eye that leads to glaucoma. 

Marijuana does not just have positive effects when used regularly. It may also lead to negative effects, depending on how regularly it is taken. This means, does one take it every other week or month or two days? Some of these bad effects include: 


Loss of memory 

Heart attack. Patients with heart problems are advised not to use the drug.  

Deteriorating the mental health of those with schizophrenia. 

Withdrawal symptoms. 


When patients consume medical marijuana regularly, it may change their life positively or negatively. This will depend on the person, since, everyone is not the same and also on how regular the drug is used. It is vial to visit an expert and find out whether one is in a position to use it or not. Young children and teenagers are usually discouraged from taking cannabis, as it may interfere with the development of their brain.  

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According to CDC, Tetrahydrocannabinol or better known as THC is a harmful chemical-related to cannabis that is stored in the body then later passed to your infant in the womb, which can cause a defect in your baby’s development. However, more needs to be done for a better understanding of cannabis in pregnancy.

Does Cannabis cause miscarriage?

Studies on animals have shown that unsuccessful labor increase with the use of cannabis. Anyway, there is no human exploration showing the relationship between premature delivery and cannabis

Be that as it may, the persistent use has demonstrated proof of impacts in the future turn of events and hyperactivity of newborn children.

Evidence demonstrates that pregnant ladies who use cannabis have a more serious danger of stillbirth.

Cannabis Fact finds!


Little is thought about cannabis during nursing. Studies show, THC has put away in fat and is gradually delivered over the long haul during nursing, meaning your infant could, in any case, be uncovered even after you quit cannabis.

Nonetheless, there have been no examinations to decide whether presentation to THC during nursing is connected to impacts later in the baby’s life. With standard use, THC can gather in human bosom milk to high focuses. Since a child’s mind is as yet framing, THC expanded in bosom milk could influence mental health.

New moms using clinical cannabis ought to be watchful about planning care between the specialist suggesting their use and the pediatrician thinking about their infant.

Can the use of cannabis when pregnant negatively affect an infant after birth?

Some research shows cannabis use during pregnancy may make it hard for your baby to focus fully or to learn; these issues may just get perceptible as your kid mature.

Separate from the immediate, chemical substance effects on your baby, cannabis may influence a mother’s capacity to have the option to think about her infant appropriately.

Although not approved as medical treatment, the following are treatments that have promised to help people with chronic disorders and addicts:

Motivational upgrade treatment: An orderly type of mediation intended to create a quick, inside persuaded change; the treatment doesn’t endeavor to treat the individual but instead activate their own interior assets for change and commitment in treatment.

Cognitive-conduct treatment: A type of psychotherapy that shows individuals methodologies to distinguish and address dangerous practices so as to improve restraint, stop drug use, and address a scope of different issues that regularly co-happen with them.

Contingency the board: A helpful administration approach dependent on incessant checking of the objective conduct and the arrangement (or expulsion) of substantial, positive prizes when the objective conduct happens or not.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests that obstetrician-gynecologists counsel ladies against the use of cannabis while trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy, also keeping in mind that they are nursing.

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